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Clean Stride Mat Rubber Frame 26.5" x 32"

997059 - Clean Stride Mat Rubber Frame 26.5" x 32"

Product Details

Product Number: 997059

Weight: 5.00 lbs

As low as: $58.10


Product Description

Maximize your floor protection and soil removal with Clean Stride. Effective rubber reinforced/solution dyed face yarn removes heavy debris, allowing the sticky pad to perform at best levels. Environmentally friendly Clean Stride combines a recycled Nitrile rubber base with outstanding performance for environmentally concerned buyers. The base is easy to clean by daily vacuuming and hosing off between applications of the sticky pad. Great for doorways leading into Gymnasiums, warehousing and manufacturing doorways into office areas, out of classrooms from creative arts classes. 18-popular school colors to select from in two sizes. 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed! Quick Ships.