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New Products for 2010AlphaBetter Desk and Stool

AlphaBetter Desk with Book Box (36x24 inch Top)

233071 - AlphaBetter Desk with Book Box (36x24 inch Top)

Product Details

Product Number: 233071

Weight: 66.00 lbs

As low as: $304.00


Product Description

AlphaBetter Desks give students a new desire to learn. Designed for students in grades 3-12, the AlphaBetter Desk easily adjusts from 26"-42"H to allow students the choice to stand or sit. The patent-pending Pendulum Footrest Bar allows students to swing their feet to provide extra movement, which burns off extra energy. In addition, it helps correct posture. The Black powder-coat steel frame is built to last, and the large MDF top is covered with extremely durable Kydex laminate. The bookbox and lower shelf provide additional storage of books and supplies. Comes with a Beige top.