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Mats Storage Trolley

166030 - Mats Storage Trolley

Product Details

Product Number: 166030

Weight: 15.00 lbs

As low as: $133.99


Product Description

Make floor activities germ-free with our protective mats. Germ Guard rest mats use X-tra wide radio frequency sealed seams to prevent germs and bacteria from infiltrating mats. A simple water and bleach mixture sanitizes the mat surface and prevents external contamination. Each mat features a clear nametag pocket. 3-fold mats come in 1" or 2" thickness, and your choice of Red/Blue or Teal/Blue combination colors. The rest mat storage trolley snaps together to create a safe, well-balanced mobile storage for all sizes and thicknesses of rest mats. Trolley holds 42 one-inch mats or 21 two-inch mats.