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Floor Mats

Two Step Dirt Removal Mat System

Protect floors by placing these Clean Stride dirt removal mats in doorways leading into your school's delicate areas. Clean Stride works in two steps: the Waterhog floor mat removes heavy debris from shoes, such as rocks and mud, then the sticky pad takes a fine layer of dirt and dust off the shoes, removing the final layer of dirt that might otherwise be tracked around the building. After the sticky pad is no longer picking up dirt (usually a few weeks), simply peel and throw away the old sheet, revealing a new, clean sheet below. The sticky pad insert has 60 sheets of adhesive coated film. Great for doorways leading into gymnasiums and office areas to keep dirt out, or for doorways leading out of art or shop classes to keep dust and dirt in. Clean Stride comes in two models: a rubber frame with sticky pad, or a rubber frame, carpet and sticky pad as shown in the photo. Floor mats comes in 18 popular school colors and two sizes.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Clean Stride Mat Carpet/Rubber Frame 26.5" x 32" 997057 $108.72 More Info
Clean Stride Mat Carpet/Rubber Frame 36.5" x 92.5" 997058 $188.37 More Info
Clean Stride Mat Rubber Frame 26.5" x 32" 997059 $113.90 More Info
Clean Stride Mat Rubber Frame 36.5" x 46" 997060 $96.14 More Info

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