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Crayola® Supplies

Twistable Crayons

Never peel or sharpen a crayon again, simply twist the crayon up for more color. This unique crayon cuts down on breakage and the clear plastic barrel makes it easy to see how much is left. Twistables come in Classic, Rainbow, and Neon colors Trayola, 48 Twistable comes in a reusable storage tray, plus they're available as Erasables! With the built in eraser, kids won't have to start over every time they change their minds. Any Twistable is a great choice, and because they are more break resistant and require no sharpening they last longer!

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Twistable Crayons - 8 Pack 730001 $3.63 More Info
Twistable Crayons - 5 Pack 730003 $2.13 More Info
Mini Twistable Crayons - 24 Pack 730006 $6.62 More Info