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New Products for 2010

Trifecta Waste Receptacles

Trifecta is a flexibly-designed waste receptacle station. Choose from four lid types and four base sizes to customize a waste center for schools, offices and more! The unique design of the base allows bags to remain firmly inside the container. Pair with any stainless steel lid, which features a laser cut inscription to assist in the identification of proper waste for that receptacle.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Cans Lid for Trifecta Receptacles 233082 $97.72 More Info
Paper Lid for Trifecta Receptacles 233083 $97.72 More Info
Plastics Lid for Trifecta Receptacles 233084 $97.72 More Info
15-Gallon Base for Trifecta Receptacles 233085 $188.02 More Info
17-Gallon Base for Trifecta Receptacles 233086 $208.23 More Info
19-Gallon Base for Trifecta Receptacles 233087 $221.72 More Info
21-Gallon Base for Trifecta Receptacles 233088 $235.20 More Info