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Active Play Furniture

Tip-Me-Not Deluxe Appliances

This Birch Kitchen Set encourages imaginative play as children prepare meals, wash dishes, and put away groceries. All appliances have safety cabinet handles, full-length doors, and are built with a lower center of gravity and a larger base for greater stability. All appliances utilize heavy-duty, top-of-the-line, Pinch-Me-Not hinges. The range features movable control knobs. The sink includes a swivel faucet, movable knobs and a durable plastic sink tray. Available as a four piece set or individually. Manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Tip Me Not Deluxe Appliances Set of 4 10082 $1,190.16 More Info
Tip Me Not Deluxe Appliances Sink 10280 $288.18 More Info
Tip Me Not Deluxe Appliances Hutch 20780 $312.68 More Info

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