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School Library FurnitureMultimedia Shelving

Steel Multi-Media Cabinet

Order our standard 42" or 72" high storage cabinet with shelves, then add media drawers to create a custom multi-media cabinet. Use media drawers to replace one cabinet shelf while retaining the other shelves to store books or supplies, or replace all the shelves to create the completed multi-media cabinet pictured below. The 42"H cabinet has two shelves and can hold up to four media drawers. The 72"H cabinet has four shelves and can hold a maximum of eight media drawers. Choose a VHS and DVD media drawer, which holds up to 40 VHS tapes or 80 DVDs with 1-1/4" compartments, or choose an Audio Tapes or CD media drawer, which holds up to 90 audio cassettes or 180 CDs with 3/4" compartments.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
24" Deep VHS or DVD Storage Tray 122138 $238.76 More Info
24" Deep Audio Tapes & CDs Media Drawer 122139 $238.76 More Info
VHS or DVD Storage Tray 4020L $218.37 More Info
Audio Tapes and CDs Storage Tray 4022 $218.37 More Info
72" Multimedia Cabinet 8005C $455.19 More Info
42" Multimedia Cabinet 8080C $344.23 More Info

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