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Trikes & Riding Toys

Silver Rider Trikes

The Silver Trike series of trikes feature a comfort back support with heavy-duty rubber hand grips. Solid rubber tires on spokeless wheels make these trikes great for toddlers and kids in any daycare setting. Choose from four different sizes. Lightweight for easy carrying and storage. Ship fully assembled with a 5-year warranty. Ideal for kids and students ages 3-4. Super Cycle is ideal for kids ages 4-8.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
10" Silver Rider Trike 158033 $287.08 More Info
12" Silver Rider Trike 158034 $305.59 More Info
14" Silver Rider Trike 158035 $324.11 More Info
Silver Rider Super Cycle Trike 158037 $324.12 More Info