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Best Selling School Furniture

Royal Inspiration Station

Designed in collaboration with educators, the Inspiration Station makes teaching easier and more efficient. The Standard Easel model has a slide-out board, an adjustable height, magnetic dry-erase surface, a locking, adjustable big book ledge, as well as two chart paper loop hooks, one Really Big Tub, three Open Tubs, one Divided Tub, two Tiny Tubs and a tub stop safety feature. The Standard Easel also has a big book rack, a telescoping accessory rod for wide pocket charts, two magnetic Page Paws and top shelf chart paper guides. The Premium model includes all the features of the Standard model and also six Open Tubs, one Divided Tub, six Tiny Tubs, and a removable lined magnetic dry-erase board. Upgrading from one model to the next is simple. Keep your cart and order the upgrade kit, which will include the items featured with the premium model. Each easel adjusts 61-1/2"-64-1/2" in height and comes with four 3" casters and a foot-activated braking system.


Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Standard Model - Royal Inspiration Station 170002 $637.99 More Info
Premium Model - Royal Inspiration Station 170003 $899.82 More Info
Upgrade Kit - Royal Inspiration Station 170005 $295.96 More Info

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