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ReadyLink Row Seating

ReadyLink™ Group Seating is perfect for high-capacity seating requirements such as auditoriums, classrooms, and waiting areas. Rows of ReadyLink seating can expand to any size. For each row installation, start with one ReadyLink Row Starter Seat, which includes two end arms, and finish with as many Add-On seats necessary to complete the row. ReadyLink is also available with writing tablets, which flip into the arm when not in use. ReadyLink can stand freely, or may be bolted to the floor for permanent installations and are spring loaded to provide easy access in tight spaces. A simple modification will allow seats to remain in the down position. ReadyLink seating can be assembled in minutes with no tools required (except for permanent installation).


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Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Ready Link Auditorium Seating Row Starter 654050 $171.86 More Info
Ready Link Auditorium Seating Add-On Seat 654051 $133.38 More Info
Ready Link Auditorium Seating Tablet Row Starter Seat 654052 $230.36 More Info
Ready Link Auditorium Seating Tablet Add-On Seat 654053 $165.10 More Info