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Lockers & Coat Racks

Rainbow Accents Stacking Lockable Lockers

Rainbow Accents Stacking Lockers are great for classrooms with students of all ages. Each locker features different locks and keys for secured lockers. Save money with double or triple stack. Individual lockers are 10½ inches wide x 12½ inches deep x 20 inches high. Stacked lockers must be fastened to a wall. Stackable lockers are great for classrooms and daycares that need individual lockers.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Rainbow Accents Stacking Lockable Lockers - Single Stack 195312 $331.41 More Info
Rainbow Accents Stackable Lockers - Double Stack 195313 $678.50 More Info
Rainbow Accents Stacking Lockers - Triple Stack 195314 $1,009.74 More Info