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Cubbie Storage Units

Rainbow Accents Sectional Mobile Cubbies

This Storage unit is the answer to classroom space concerns. It features 15 trays for storage along with 16 removable, finished partitions and best of all the back has a recessed dry-erase board; simply turn the unit around, quickly and easily it is ready for daily lessons. Storage units are on casters for easy mobility, great for teachers who move from room to room or for several classrooms to share a storage unit. Available in Berry, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Teal or Red trim with Grey speckled laminate. Optional Trays available.

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Tray storage and Dividers without Trays 0415JCWW $819.80 More Info
Tray storage and Dividers with Trays 0416JCWW $943.31 More Info