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Rest Mats

AngelesĀ® Premier Stacking Cots

Angeles Premier Sof-Tex Cots come both in standard and toddler sizes. The bleachable, cleanable fabric is strong and comfortable so children rest soundly, and these rest mats stand up to daily wear and tear. Available in Wedgewood, Teal Green, Slate Blue, Mauve, Sunshine Yellow, Coral Red and Ocean Blue. Cots have a 7-year warranty.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Children's Soft-Tex Cot (Individual) 5710 $81.98 More Info
Children's Soft-Tex Cot (5 Pack) 5711 $313.62 More Info
Toddler's Soft-Tex Cot (Individual) 5760 $78.42 More Info
Toddler's Soft-Tex Cot (5 Pack) 5761 $299.35 More Info

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