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Prang Brush Pens

Unique markers with flexi-tip nibs offer an exciting array of drawing effects from fine lines to broad brush strokes. Acid free, water-based pens will not bleed through paper. Available in brilliant classic colors and dazzling metallic hues, colors are readily blend-able to create secondary hues. AP Certified non-toxic.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Prang Brush Pens - Gold/Silver - 2 Count 876226 $2.72 More Info
Prang Brush Pens - Metallic Colors - 6 Count 876227 $7.53 More Info
Prang Brush Pens - Classic Colors - 12 Count 876228 $12.34 More Info
Prang Brush Pens - Classic Colors - 6 Count 876229 $7.53 More Info