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Plot Your Course - Graphing Flip Over Math Game

Engaging math games using a flip-card system for reinforcing and expanding basic math skills. Each game includes a 17½" square game board, instructional guide answer key and flip-cards. Four games to choose from, or choose the set of all four with a handy game rack. Time at the Zoon helps to teach elapsed time, players calculate the amount of time elapsed during their travel through the zoo, 3 difficulty levels. Plot Your Course - Graphing reinforces ordered pairs and has three difficulty levels where students' practice graphing and locating ordered pairs. Tour de Time includes two games and provides practice of longest or shortest time to complete a task and reinforces calculation skills. Magic Island Search give measurement practice with mass/weight, length and capacity questions, players determine what measurements seems most reasonable and accurately calculate measurement. Players try to collect 6 cards to open the treasure chest.

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