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Literacy Furniture & Flannelboards

Pick-a-Book Stands

Encourage reading by placing books at children's fingertips! Choose from a wide variety of book stands that are just the right size. Birch plywood frames and rounded edges make these units durable and safe for every day use. Available in three styles: single-sided, double sided or tiered fronts and storytime backs that have a book ledge and space for manipulatives.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Pick-a-Book Stand - 2 Sided 0271JC $340.74 More Info
Pick-a-Book Stand - 1 Sided 0371JC $290.79 More Info
Multi-Book Pick-a-Book Stand - 2 Sided 3500JC $340.74 More Info
Big Book Pick-a-Book Stand - 1 Sided 3502JC $281.10 More Info
Small Pick-a-Book Stand - 1 Sided 3510JC $256.89 More Info
Flush Pick-a-Book Stand - 1 Sided 3711JC $290.79 More Info