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Picnic Tables

Perforated Picnic Tables

These popular perforated-style picnic tables have a thermoplastic coating, which provides ultra violet protection, impact resistance, superior ultra-high adhesion and excellent mechanical performance. Choose from portable, surface mounted or inground tables. Portable tables have a 1-5/8" all-welded walk-through powder-coated frame, while surface mounted and inground tables feature 3" square powder-coated arm posts. A four-hole plate attached to the center pole comes with the surface mounted tables. Tables are available in rectangular or square designs. Choose from a variety of colors.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
6' Portable, Rectangular Picnic Table 627009 $1,045.68 More Info
8' Portable, Rectangular Table 627010 $1,129.34 More Info
Portable Square Picnic Table 627011 $1,111.59 More Info
4' Surface Mounted Rectangular Picnic Table 627012 $1,256.09 More Info
6’ Surface Mounted Rectangular Picnic Table 627013 $1,360.02 More Info
Square Surface Mounted Picnic Table 627014 $1,423.40 More Info
4' Inground Mounted Rectangular Picnic Table 627015 $1,211.73 More Info
6’ Inground Mounted Rectangular Picnic Table 627016 $1,315.67 More Info
Square Inground Mounted Picnic Table 627017 $1,361.30 More Info