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Menu Math

From hamburgers and french fries to banana splits and ice cream cones, students will get their fill as they use the colorful menu (included) to help them work through over 500 computation and real-life math word problems. Students figure tax, sales discounts, total restaurant checks and more. A fun and interesting way to improve basic skills! Grades 3-6.

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Menu Math Classroom Pack Level 2 799101 $29.09 More Info
Ice Cream Parlor Add/Sub REM101A $14.55 More Info
Ice Cream Parlor Mult/Div REM101B $14.55 More Info
Ice Cream Parlor Extra Menus REM101D $8.44 More Info
Hamburger Hut Add/Sub REM102A $14.55 More Info
Hamburger Hut Mult/Div REM102B $13.74 More Info
Hamburger Hut Extra Menus REM102D $8.01 More Info