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LenguaLink Foreign Language Carpets

Introduce children to a second language with this exciting bilingual teaching tool. Familiar pictures with both Spanish and English words surround the rug, while children can learn to spell and count with the Spanish alphabet and number lines. French version is also available. This carpet is STAINMASTER Home & Office certified, CRI Green Label Plus certified, has a lifetime anti-microbial protection which aids to reduce allergens with proper maintenance and is made out of a lifetime anti-static fabric and high twist 100% nylon. The flexible back resists wrinkling and lies flat.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
5`4" x 7`8" Spanish LenguaLink 1412C $231.39 More Info
5`4" x 7`8" Oval Spanish LenguaLink 1412CC $231.39 More Info
7`8" x 10`9" Spanish LenguaLink 1412D $414.69 More Info
7`8" x 10`9" Spanish Oval LenguaLink 1412DD $414.69 More Info
10`9" x 13`2" Spanish LenguaLink 738034 $798.19 More Info
5`4" x 7`8" French LenguaLink 738035 $231.39 More Info
7`8" x 10`9" French LenguaLink 738036 $414.69 More Info
10`9" x 13`2" Oval Spanish LenguaLink 738276 $798.19 More Info

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