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Laminated Lockers

For rooms where steel lockers miss the mark in taste and elegance, laminate lockers provide the quality and look that satisfies an upscale room. Principals' offices and teachers' lounges will look more inviting with these embellishments. A practical system of fully assembled lockers is available in two-four locker configurations. The lockers feature one adjustable Almond shelf, an ABS covered bottom, a coat hook center mounted on back, a label holder and a hasp lock. Manufacturer 10-year warranty.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Fleetwood Laminate Lockers 2 unit 30 x 15 x 60 183003 $1,205.45 More Info
Fleetwood Laminate Lockers 3 unit 45 x 15 x 60 183004 $1,611.94 More Info
Fleetwood Laminate Lockers 4 unit 60 x 15 x 60 183005 $2,060.48 More Info

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