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Building & Maintenance

Key Cabinets

Keep maximum control of keys with locking key cabinets. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to fit your business needs. The Repli-Key cabinet efficiently stores "Master" and "Duplicate" keys by cross-referencing them by lock location, hook number and key code number, assuring that you will always know what key is for which lock. Standard key cabinets have slotted steel key racks with number guides and key control charts. Plastic keg tags have large easy-to-read numbers and metal snap-hooks. Yellow "Key Loaned" tags are included with cabinets. High-capacity cabinets use color-coded tags for convenient identification of specific departments, floors or other locked areas. Repli-Key cabinets come in Grey, while the Standard key cabinets come in Grey or Putty, and the High-Capacity key cabinets come in Putty.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Standard 30 Key Cabinet 304002 $71.73 More Info
Standard 60 Key Cabinet 304003 $128.78 More Info
Standard 100 Key Cabinet 304004 $174.65 More Info
High Capacity 200 Key Cabinet 304005 $315.80 More Info
High Capacity 300 Key Cabinet 304006 $362.85 More Info

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