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Rubbermaid Indoor Utility Recycling Containers

This linkable system will make recycling as easy as disposing of the garbage. Create a three-container system with lids for recycled paper, recycled cans/bottles and for regular garbage. Choose between a swing lid or handle lid for everyday trash. Place the containers in the handy trolleys, which link together to easily move all bins at once. A recycling container is also available for administration offices, classrooms, aids rooms and more.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Slim Jim with Venting Channels 231001 $58.49 More Info
Slim Jim Bottle and Can Recycling Lid 231002 $38.99 More Info
Slim Jim Paper Recycling Lid 231003 $38.99 More Info
Slim Jim Handle Lid 231004 $38.99 More Info
Slim Jim Swing Lid 231005 $38.99 More Info
Slim Jim Recycling Container 231006 $58.49 More Info
Trolley for Slim Jim Containers 231007 $75.39 More Info

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