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Floor Mats

Indoor Shoe Drying and Cleaning Mat

After scraping debris off shoes on the Rubber Brush Mat, this Cleaning Mat will dry shoes to keep from tracking water or mud around the building. Great between entrance doors, this Mat can also be placed by pool or locker room doors. Available in five colors.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
2x3 Ovation Entrance Mat N1001337 $31.95 More Info
3x4 Ovation Entrance Mat N1001338 $63.89 More Info
3x5 Ovation Entrance Mat N1001339 $79.87 More Info
3x6 Ovation Entrance Mat N1001340 $95.84 More Info
3x10 Ovation Entrance Mat N1001341 $152.32 More Info
4x6 Ovation Entrance Mat N1001342 $197.39 More Info
4x8 Ovation Entrance Mat N1001343 $263.07 More Info