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Conference Room

Improved Sightline Boardroom Tables

These Collaborative Learning Desks and Tables offer room for young minds to grow. The flexible, space-efficient desks and tables can be lined up in rows or clustered in small to large groups to encourage student participation in group discussions or projects. Each high-pressure laminate surface is attached by installer-friendly mounting brackets that require two screws per leg for secure attachment. The innovative leg design eliminates leg braces that can pinch fingers and is made of 14-gauge steel, which is protected with a durable powdercoat surface. Boardroom Tables come in four different shapes that come together to form one large conference table for 12-16 students. When combined, the different shapes offer improved sightlines and eye contact for all students around the table. The tables provide a height adjustment of 22"-34" to accommodate students of all ages.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Steel Book Box for Select Collaborative Desks and Tables 240105 $71.53 More Info
54" x 36" Bow Top Boardroom Table 240115 $465.58 More Info
54" x 32" Left Slant Boardroom Table 240116 $445.38 More Info
54" x 32" Right Slant Boardroom Table 240117 $445.38 More Info
54" x 30" Half Circle Boardroom Table 240118 $427.94 More Info