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Office Sets

Illusions Mobile Furniture

Flexibility is important in every classroom, which is exactly what the Illusions Mobile Classroom provides. Whether you move your room around once a year or once a semester, this Mobile Classroom will work with you to create the most fitting learning environment for each unique group of students. And the best part? You won't have to wait for the janitors to become available or exhaust yourself trying to push heavy furniture around. Easily configure your classroom with the sturdy, easy-rolling casters that are recessed behind functional skirting that extends nearly to the floor. Completely refurnish your room or incorporate storage pieces as your budget permits - this versatile cabinet collection allows you to choose pieces that work best for your needs. With multiple workstations, base cabinets and storage cabinets, you're sure to find what you're looking for. All items with doors lock to protect classroom materials.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Teachers School Desk 183013 $2,663.20 More Info
Student Work Station 183014 $1,822.19 More Info
Teacher Computer Center 183015 $2,593.12 More Info
Classroom Work Table 183016 $953.15 More Info
36" Hutch Cabinet 183017 $630.76 More Info
42" Hutch Cabinet 183018 $658.79 More Info
48" Hutch Cabinet 183019 $686.83 More Info
30"H Base Corner Filler 183020 $1,065.28 More Info
36"W Sink Cabinet 183021 $1,393.28 More Info
48"W Sink Cabinet 183022 $1,463.36 More Info
Base Cabinet with Doors & Cubbies 183023 $1,617.55 More Info
36"W Base Cabinet with Drawers 183024 $1,920.31 More Info
48"W Base Cabinet with Drawers 183025 $2,088.51 More Info
36"W Base Cabinet, Half Drawers 183026 $2,284.75 More Info
48"W Base Cabinet, Half Drawers 183027 $2,354.83 More Info
36"W Base Cabinet with Shelves 183028 $1,435.33 More Info
48"W Base Cabinet with Shelves 183029 $1,505.41 More Info
36"W Base Shelf Cabinet 183030 $1,135.37 More Info
48"W Base Shelf Cabinet 183031 $1,177.42 More Info
36"W Teacher Wardrobe 183032 $1,990.39 More Info
48"W Teacher Wardrobe 183033 $2,074.50 More Info
36"W General Storage Cabinet 183034 $1,981.98 More Info
48"W General Storage Cabinet 183035 $2,038.05 More Info
36"W Shelf and Drawer Cabinet 183036 $3,279.95 More Info
48"W Shelf and Drawer Cabinet 183037 $3,265.93 More Info
36"W Wall Cabinet 183038 $860.64 More Info
48"W Wall Cabinet 183039 $916.70 More Info
36"W Base Drawer Cabinet 183040 $2,130.56 More Info
48"W Base Drawer Cabinet 183041 $2,186.63 More Info

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