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Active Play Furniture

Hard Maple Blocks

All children enjoy the creativity that these blocks encourage. The many shapes and sizes offer virtually unlimited building opportunities to explore. The block bin is fully enclosed on all four sides, rolls easily on heavy-duty casters and measures 15"H x 24"W x 24"D. Manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Toddler Block Set 13 Shapes 36 Pieces WD60100 $72.02 More Info
Basic Block Set 15 Shapes 56 Pieces WD60200 $112.71 More Info
Nursery Block Set 17 Shapes 93 Pieces WD60300 $234.39 More Info
Preschool Block Set 24 Shapes 111 Pieces WD60400 $315.64 More Info
Kindergarten Block Set 24 Shapes 183 Pieces WD60500 $437.45 More Info
Classroom Block Set 24 Shapes 372 Pieces WD60600 $852.41 More Info