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Rest Mats

Germ Guard Mats and Storage Trolley

Resting, exercising or doing fun activities on the floor can be made germ-free with our protective mats. Germ Guard rest mats use extra wide radio frequency sealed seams to prevent germs and bacteria from infiltrating mats. A simple water and bleach mixture sanitizes the rest mat surface and prevents external contamination. Each mat features a clear nametag pocket. Three-fold rest mats come in 1" or 2" thickness, and your choice of Red and Blue or Teal and Blue combination colors. The rest mat storage trolley snaps together to create a safe, well-balanced mobile storage and delivery system for all sizes and thicknesses of rest mats. The trolley holds 42 1" mats or 21 2" mats.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Germ Guard Mats - 1" Thick 166028 $48.99 More Info
Germ Guard Mats - 2" Thick 166029 $62.71 More Info
Mats Storage Trolley 166030 $262.67 More Info

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