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Learning CentersMath Learning Centers

Fun Math Songs & Learning Activities on CD or DVD

Make math hip with these cool cassettes and activity books! A variety of dynamic songs on each tape. Books have reproducible puzzles, worksheets, and games. High interest for learners of all abilities. Facts up to 18.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Multiplication Rock DVD 802005 $10.40 More Info
Addition & Subtraction Rock DVD 802006 $10.40 More Info
Division Rap DVD VIDEO 802015 $10.40 More Info
Multiplication Rock CD & Book RL905 $6.76 More Info
Add/Sub Rock CD & Book RL906 $15.72 More Info
Division Rap CD & Book RL908 $15.72 More Info
Multiplication Country CD & Book RL925 $15.72 More Info
Add/Sub Country CD & Book RL933 $15.72 More Info
Division Rock CD & Book RL941 $6.76 More Info