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Best Selling School Furniture

Endurance Bleachable Solid Color Carpets

In environments where caregivers are required to sanitize with bleach, Endurance carpets pass the test, in addition to softening the sounds of a busy classroom. This carpet is STAINMASTER Home & Office certified, CRI Green Label Plus certified, has a lifetime anti-microbial protection which aids to reduce allergens with proper maintenance and is made out of a lifetime anti-static fabric and high twist 100% nylon. The flexible back resists wrinkling and lies flat. Choose from a variety of colors.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
6` x 6` Endurance 738202 $98.79 More Info
6` x 9` Endurance 738203 $141.69 More Info
12` x 8` Endurance 738204 $241.79 More Info
12` x 12` Endurance 738205 $331.49 More Info
12` x 15` Endurance 738206 $408.19 More Info
12` x 18` Endurance 738207 $480.99 More Info

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