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Building & Maintenance

Edge and Flat Stacking Table Caddies

Move tables quickly and effortlessly with these table caddies. Choose an Edge Stacking Caddy for round or rectangular tables. The rectangular caddy holds approximately 10 tables, while the round caddy holds approximately eight. Flat stacking caddies are available for rectangular tables, which hold approximately 12 tables. All table caddies have two fixed and two swivel casters and 16-gauge 1" diameter steel handles.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Table Stacking Caddie T282 $345.99 More Info
28" x 96" Rectangular Edge Stacking Caddy T288 $358.54 More Info
30" x 72" Flat Stacking Caddy T3072 $304.63 More Info
30" x 96" Flat Stacking Caddy T3096 $317.17 More Info
60" x 60" Round Edge Stacking Caddy T6060 $333.44 More Info

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