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Crime Surveillance Convex Safety Mirror

An inexpensive way to enhance school security, these Convex Mirrors can be placed in hard-to-see areas so that security can efficiently scan all parts of the building on a quick patrol. Popular in libraries, music rooms, shop classes, offices and hallways, the acrylic mirror gives a 160«M,11[Degree]» viewing angle and features an adjustable swivel and mounting bracket. The recommended mounting height is 8'-10'. For indoor use only.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
12" Convex Acrylic Safety Mirror P120 $57.34 More Info
18" Convex Acrylic Safety Mirror P180 $85.26 More Info
26" Convex Acrylic Safety Mirror P260 $154.46 More Info
30" Convex Acrylic Safety Mirror P300 $202.88 More Info
36" Convex Acrylic Safety Mirror P360 $247.76 More Info