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Circulation Desk

An elementary school library circulation desk meets the needs of students better when it's the appropriate height. That's the idea behind our new Library Circulation Desk. Its components can be combined in different ways to create an effective workstation within the library. The Peninsula Workstation is designed to work with our Corner Workstation or independently. The rounded end of our Peninsula Workstation creates an effective meeting space. The Corner Workstation provides a versatile anchor to build around. Add wings of either the Rectangle or Peninsula Workstation for a spacious library circulation area. The Contour Information Desk provides an inviting area for students to seek direction in the library. Complementary library shelving, tables, and seating are available. All pieces are mobile with casters except for the corner workstation.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
48" x 30" Rectangular Workstation 240098 $1,566.36 More Info
60" x 30" Rectangular Workstation 240099 $1,723.19 More Info
Five-Sided Corner Workstation 240100 $2,032.93 More Info
Peninsula Workstation 240101 $2,025.09 More Info
Contour Information Desk 240102 $2,040.78 More Info

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