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Building & Maintenance

Bright Colored Plastic Resin Folding Tables

Brighten up your classroom with our vibrantly colored plastic resin folding table. The folding tables are lightweight, super strong, and will resist damage from food stains, permanent markers, paint remover, drain cleaner and even battery acid. The colored tables are waterproof, and impact and scratch resistant, making this a great table for art rooms, dining areas, picnic areas or any room where stains or abuse may happen. The frame is made from strong steel and the legs automatically lock into place. The top color goes all the way through, so it won't scratch off. Folding tables are available in a fixed 29" H, or an adjustable 22"-32" height. Choose from top colors shown, all with Black frames.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
24 x 48 Fixed Height Bright Colored Table 171014 $167.20 More Info
30 x 60 Fixed Height Bright Color Table 171015 $258.56 More Info
30 x 72 Fixed Height Bright Color Folding Table 171016 $217.19 More Info
24 x 48 Adjustable Height Table 171017 $216.21 More Info
30 x 60 Adjustable Bright Colored Table 171018 $258.56 More Info
30 x 72 Adjustable Height Bright Colored Folding Tables 171019 $269.14 More Info

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