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Traffic Signs

BlinkerSigns Safety System

BlinkerSigns incorporate LEDS that reduce accidents and save lives by alerting drivers up to 20 times further than conventional safety signs, allowing the driver to react more quickly. BlinkerSigns operate on solar power and long life batteries, so no electrical installation is required. LEDS require significantly less power and last years longer than conventional lighting. BlinkerSigns are the safest sign solution for pedestrian crossing near schools, high speed locations, dangerous intersections or school zones where speed limits or stop signs are regularly ignored.

Choose from Stop Signs, School Crossing Signs and Pedestrian Crossing Signs in two sizes. The safety signs can be integrated with an Intelligent Transportation System or operate as a stand-alone ITS. They can be synchronized with each other and are programmable to work with solar time clocks, push buttons and motion detectors using solar and wireless radio signal technology. Perfect for foggy, cloudy, or rainy days, these safety signs can be seen up to two miles away.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
30" BlinkerSign Stop Sign 855006 $2,038.40 More Info
30" BlinkerSign School Crossing Sign 855007 $2,038.40 More Info
30" BlinkerSign Pedestrian Crossing Sign 855008 $2,038.40 More Info
36" BlinkerSign Stop Sign 855009 $2,165.80 More Info
36" BlinkerSign School Crossing Sign 855010 $2,165.80 More Info
36" BlinkerSign Pedestrian Crossing Sign 855011 $2,165.80 More Info

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