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Multimedia Carts

42" Flat Panel Presentation Cart

Optimal for presentations and instruction, this large multimedia presentation cart fits a data projector, a notebook computer, a document camera, a DVD player and a scanner with the option to mount a 42 inch flat panel monitor. Pull-out shelves are included for optimal use, along with a management bin to help organize cords and wires. This presentation cart is steel constructed with 30% post-consumer recycled steel and has die pressed shelves. Multimedia carts are available with or without a locking, perforated cabinet, with your choice of a full or half cabinet. The full cabinet includes a 19 inch rack mount. 4-outlet electrical surge protected assemblies are available with a 20 inch cord.

Quantity Description Product No. Price More Info Add
Presentation Cart without Cabinet 302191 $1,098.78 More Info
Cart with Four-Outlet Electrical and No Cabinet 302192 $1,098.78 More Info
Presentation Cart with Half Cabinet 302193 $1,230.92 More Info

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